Manager - Extending A Device's Subscription

Step-by-step guide on how to extend or purchase subscription subscription time for your device

Written by Douglas Sim
Updated over a week ago

Initial Requirements

This article assumes that you have created a Plugzio account and have 1 or more devices registered to the account. If you have not created an account or registered a device, please see the following guides:


  • Open your browser and navigate to

  • Log into your Plugzio account.

  • Click on the "Service Subscription" tab on the navigation bar to go to the "Service Subscription" page.

    • The navigation bar can be seen on the left of the page

    • If the navigation bar is not seen click the icon next to the "Plugzio" logo on the top left of the page

  • Here you will see the subscription status of your device. For example:

  • Find the device that you would like to extend the subscription for from the list and select either:

    • Extend Subscription - Manually extend the subscription by a fixed number of days.

    • Enable Auto-Payment - Set up auto-payments to renew the device's subscription every 30 days.

  • Subscription payments are made through the Plugzio wallet system and only USD or CAD currencies are accepted at the time of publishing this article.

  • If you need to create a wallet for the payments, please refer to the Manager - Create & Edit A Wallet article.

  • If you need to top up your wallet for payments, please refer to the Manager - Top Up A Wallet article.

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