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How can I connect Klaviyo to my account?
How can I connect Klaviyo to my account?

I need to add Klaviyo to my account

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Before setting up a connector, you'll need to ensure that your source already has data on it so that Polar can pull insights into the app.

From there, start by going to your Connector's page and looking for Klaviyo.

Click on Connect to Polar Analytics, then fill in the information required.

1- For the API key, it needs to be a private API key, not a public one.

Here is where you can find it on your Klaviyo account

You need to generate a private API key and set it to Read-Only permission for all scopes

(Under Settings > API Keys, click Create API Key. Then, type in a label for the new API key in your Klaviyo account)

Once it's done, just copy and paste it into Polar Analytics.

2 - For your Shopify URL, select the store associated from the drop-down list.

3 - Just add Klaviyo site id (public API key), click on Connect and you are all set!

Just wait for the data to load :)

You have one dashboard based on Klaviyo on the Acquisition tab called "Revenue By Attribution Channel"

And all the Engagement tab!

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