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How can I find which Sales Channels correspond with my Channel IDs?
How can I find which Sales Channels correspond with my Channel IDs?

This article describes how to locate which Sales Channels correspond with each channel ID on Shopify.

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In Polar, we currently only have access to numerical channel IDs from the Shopify API (not channel names). This is because channel names are not available in the Shopify API. With that said, we know it can be difficult to decipher which channel IDs belong to each Sales Channel.

If you're unsure which channels correspond to each channel ID in Shopify and Polar, there are a few ways that you can locate the channel IDs.

You can access channel IDs:

  • Directly on your Shopify API as explained in this article.

  • Directly on your Shopify Admin. When you click on the channel, the ID will be at the end of the URL of that new opened page.

  • From the Shopify Homepage, by clicking on "View report" after picking the Sales Channel you want to check - the report will automatically filter that on that ID on the next page (see the images below for a visual).

    [video-to-gif output image]

If you're still not able to determine which Channel IDs are associated with your Sales Channels, we recommend creating a Custom Report broken down by Sales Channel, including either Total Sales or Total Orders as a metric. From there, you can cross-compare this data with the same report on Shopify to determine which Sales Channel each order is coming from.

For example, you could create this report in Polar, and cross-compare with Shopify to determine which Sales Channel the numerical Channel ID is associated with.

If you need any assistance here, don't hesitate to reach out to our Support Team using the in-app live chat and we'll be happy to assist.

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