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How can I see omni-channel sales data in Polar?
How can I see omni-channel sales data in Polar?

You can visualize both blended and segmented sales data in Polar by channel, giving you a more wholistic view of your e-commerce data.

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If you have both Shopify and Amazon Seller Central integrated with Polar, we recommend configuring your Key Indicators dashboard as well as your Custom Reports so that you can easily see blended omni-channel sales data.

How-To: View Omni-channel Sales Data in Polar

Step 1: Ensure that you've connected multiple e-commerce sources to Polar, such as Shopify and Amazon. This article details how to connect Shopify, and this article details how to connect Amazon.

Step 3: Create Key Indicators sections to segment out blended metrics, Shopify metrics, and Amazon Metrics.

Step 4: Add in the Blended Metrics for any metrics that you'd like to see aggregated from Shopify & Amazon.

You can see each of the Blended Metrics currently offered under the "Blended Metric" section when you edit your Key Indicators:

If you don't see a Blended Metric that you need, you can create one manually using a Custom Metric. To do so, launch the Custom Metric builder from either the Key Indicators section editor or a Custom Report and follow the steps below:

  • Search for or type in the Shopify metric (for example, Gross Sales)

  • Add a + operation after the Shopify metric

  • Search for or type in the Amazon metric

  • Name your Custom Metric and save

Step 5: Add each of your blended Custom Metrics into your blended metrics Key Indicators section to see the aggregated sales data, and add each of the Shopify / Amazon metrics to their unique sections to see the broken down data by channel.

Step 6: If you'd like, you can create a Custom Report with both blended & segmented metrics as well to see all of your Amazon & Shopify data in one singular table. See an example report below for an idea of how you could view this data.

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