Attributes can be assigned to products. These allow PULPO WMS to identify any custom information that comes from the ERP system or any other source for better performance and control of tasks and processes within the warehouse. Attributes can contain (metadata) data used by third-party systems, which PULPO WMS itself does not need.

The open and publicly documented API of PULPO WMS makes it possible to quickly connect different systems. If required, PULPO WMS can also be used as an information hub to exchange important information between systems without these systems having to communicate directly with each other. This may be useful especially for older systems.

Examples of Data Transfer to Third-Party Systems: An order may e.g. receive important information for the TMS (Transport Management System) in its attributes.

Assigning attributes to products

From the Product Create/Edit dialog selected in the create and edit products process, attributes can be assigned by clicking the corresponding tab located at the right side of the screen.

PULPO WMS Product's Attributes

The following information must be filled:

Attribute: Define a custom name for the product's attribute

Value: Assign (if necessary) a numeric value for the attribute

An attribute, for example, could be: Storage_temperature : 5 °C

This attribute will remain with the product through every task and process that PULPO WMS performs so that users and third parties can easily identify the product's customized information.

Example of URL image attribute:

Suppose you would like to create a product that carries an attribute related to a URL image. PULPO WMS allows this type of attributes to better recognize and identify products in the warehouses:

  1. First, a product must be created in PULPO WMS. This can be done manually in the Web App by following the steps explained in the create/edit products article.

  2. Suppose you created a product called "Television". When it comes to assigning the product's attribute, you can fill in the URL information you want regarding the television. Simply type: "image_url" as the name of the attribute and paste the image link in the value field. Then click on the Create/Update button.

3. PULPO WMS will then display, in the detailed information of the product, the corresponding URL image, thus allowing it to improve the visualization of any product from the list.

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