Products that do not have serial or lot numbers are classified as type none products in PULPO WMS. They are the most common type of product as they do not have an expiration date or a serial number for each product.

For receiving products in the warehouse, the product must exist within PULPO WMS. Moreover, a purchase order with a specific delivery date must exist.

  1. Go to the Incoming Goods menu item in the Mobile App:

2. Select the CALENDAR tab to filter specific dates and search for the corresponding purchase orders.

3. You can also select the SEARCH ORDER search the for the oder number.

4. Swipe an order to right to display the products, the main information of the selected purchase order and the current status of the order. For this example, the status is "Queue" as the purchase order has not yet been processed.

5. Der number of incoming units (1) and the reception positions (2) must be scanned to register the product. In addition, PULPO WMS offers the possibility to add a picture (3) and take a note (4) for documentation purpose.

IMPORTANT: Incoming good can either get ACCEPTED or REJECTED. For accepted products, PULPO WMS automatically creates a movement task onto a storage position. This does not happen for rejected products. For those products the movement task needs to be created manually.

6. After counting and registering all the accepted and rejected products, the purchase order information will be displayed again and the products that have been completely registered will be colored grey. After all products from the list have been successfully counted, the task can be finished by pressing the FINISH button.

7. When all purchase orders from the list have been processed, the incoming good task can be finished for that specific date by pressing the back arrow button located at the upper left side of the screen.

💡 PULPO TIP: Notice that successfully finished purchase orders can not be swiped to the right side of the screen and their purple arrow mark will disappear.

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