Counting tasks are created in the web app (read more here) or from the Audit menu item in the PULPO WMS Android App.

To access a counting task go to Counting. You can accept a counting task by swiping right.

First you will be asked to scan the position that should be counted. Then add the product (1) that should be counted in that position:

Once the product is selected you can starting counting. You can add multiple counts for every product (1). PULPO WMS will automatically generate the total count.

If a product is available in units and boxes you will be asked what you are counting:

If you are counting batch/ lot products you will be requested to insert batch/ lot number and expiration date.

If you are counting products with serial number you will be requested to insert the each serial number.

Once you have finished the counting task in the PULPO WMS Android App it needs to be audited in the PULPO WMS web app.

Note: Only after the count has been audited, stocks will be modified in PULPO WMS.

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