After finishing a picking task by placing the product on the packing position the related packing task can be initiated.

1. Go to Packing in the PULPO WMS Android App.

2. All available packing tasks will be listed:

3. After selecting the packing task the packing position must be scanned:

4. Before starting the packing task, each product muss be validated (amount and possibly lot/ serial numbers).

  • By tapping on each product it will be validated.

  • The checkmark indicates, the product has been validated (1)

  • Via Search product (2) a product can be scanned and will be highlighted in the list when found. This is useful if there are many product in the task.

  • In case products are missing the task can be interrupted by tapping PRODUCTS MISSING (3). Automatically a picking task for the required amount will be created.

Optional check for serial or lot type products: By tapping on "i" serial no. or lot information can be checked and confirmed.

5. Once all quantities have been checked and confirmed, the packing task can be continued by tapping ACCEPT.

6. Now the product can be placed into shipping boxes.

Three options exist for placing the products into boxes:

  • All products in one box (1):

  • Manuell definition of the number of used boxes (2). PULPO WMS automatically divides the products in equal amounts among the boxes and closes them.

  • Manual allocation of products into boxes (3).

Note: In case a packing task consists only of one product PULPO WMS used a different workflow to enable faster label generation and reduce waiting times: The product is automatically placed into a box with the product's measures and closed. The box can not be edited.

7. As soon as products have been added to a shipping box, this is shown at the lower side of the screen. Products can also be removed from the box as long as it has not been closed.

8. After closing a shipping box, a photo can also be taken by clicking on the camera icon (1).

9. In the following step shipping labels can be printed (1), displayed (2) or additional information can be shown (3).

10. After all products are packed in shipping boxes, they can be placed in the shipping position.

With the placement of the products onto the shipping position the packing task is finished.

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