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In the batch picking tasks, products from multiple orders are picked together by a picker in one task and placed in a packing position. In this case, PULPO WMS will automatically help to separate the products by order during the packing task. As in any picking process with PULPO WMS, the picker is directed to positions inside the warehouse in a route-optimized way. This article will explain how to perform batch picking tasks using the PULPO WMS Mobile App.

  1. Click on the Picking option of the PULPO WMS Mobile App.

2. The picker can visualize here all open tasks that can be taken under its profile restrictions. If specific tasks were assigned to the picker, he can only see and complete those tasks. Picking tasks will be displayed and numbered in their creation order, showing the type of picking task (Standard, Split, Batch and Cart) and the products and quantities to be picked according to the sales order.

3. A batch picking task can be accepted by swiping it to the right side of the screen. Once accepted, the employee must finish the task. This ensures that products are not forgotten along the way inside the warehouse and that the picker cannot perform multiple tasks at the same time.

Similarly to the process of standard and split picking tasks, after the picker accepts the batch picking task, he can visualize the product list to be picked. Nevertheless, for the batch picking task, all products from numerous orders are summarized and listed in an optimized route across the warehouse so they can be efficiently picked. The picker can now start moving towards the suggested product's position and execute the picking process.

4. The process for picking will be the same as explained for the standard and Split picking article (see steps 4 to 6). The following will summarize the steps the picker must follow:

  • Scan the correct position code indicated by the Mobile App.

  • Scan the product's barcode.

  • Select quantity, serials or lot numbers depending on the type of product that is being picked (none/serial/lot).

5. When successfully picking any products from the task at the indicated positions, a checkmark will appear next to each listed product.

6. When completing the picking of all products from a batch picking task, the picker now can select an available packing position listed by the PULPO WMS Mobile App. Scanning the packing position confirms that the picked products are now stored there and ready to be packed.

The picking task is now finished and will disappear from the list of pending picking tasks mentioned in 2.


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