If data is not transferred between plentymarkets and PULPO WMS this is often due to missing information in plentymarkets: PULPO WMS kann only import orders and products if all mandatory fields are filled (correctly).

Errors that might have occurred in an integration can be found in the log files:

Those can be accessed under Integrations (1), Controls (2) and by selecting the correct date (3).

Now all activities from the selected date are displayed. Since most integration run in regular intervals there are more multiple entries for each type of integration.

In column Status (4) you can see whether the integration run successfully (FINISHED) or not (FAILED).

By clicking "..." on the right the log files for each integration can be accessed. The log file contains important information to debug integration errors. The log can be downloaded (5) or viewed directly (6).

Note: After correcting the data in plentymarkets PULPO WMS will not automatically import the affected orders or products. The integration must be run again manually.

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