To ensure sufficient stock on certain positions (e.g. positions used for picking) it can be helpful to create automated replenishment rules.

An automated replenishment rule will create a movement task in PULPO WMS once the stock level in the target position goes below a certain level.

Note: Thresholds for products are only validated, if a picking/packing task is executed. I.e. the replenishment will be triggered by such actions and is not triggered by the creation of the rule itself or based on regular time intervals.

Replenishment rules are created under menu item Automation in the web app:

To create the automatic replenishment:

  1. Make sure, source positions for the replenishments are flagged with a tag, e.g. volume. Then select the same tag in the field Select tags of source position.

  2. Select the position that should be replenished, i.e. the target position

  3. Select which product should be replenished

  4. Define the minimum threshold

  5. Define maximum threshold

  6. Set a name for the rule

  7. Define how quantities should be handled.

    1. Replenishment can be exactly to the threshold or

    2. Rounded up in order to always move a full packing unit of the product or

    3. Rounded down in order to always move a full packing unit of the product.

Once the threshold is reached PULPO WMS will automatically create a movement task which can be processed in the PULPO WMS Android App. This article describes how movement task are processed.

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