Prerequisites for creating a kitting task are:

  • Existing kitting template: Here you can find more information if it has not yet been created

  • Existing kitting storage position

Go to the menu item kitting task (1) and add a kitting task:

  • You can select an owner (1) to perform this kitting task. If no owner is selected, every PULPO WMS user can perform the task.

  • Under Choose position (2) select your kitting storage position.

  • Choose kit (3) and add the quantity (4) of desired number of kits to be created.

  • In the table below you will be able to see which products will be picked to assemble this kit and if there is enough stock to create the desired quantity of kits.

Once the kitting task is created, PULPO WMS will automatically create a movement task of type kitting (1) to pick necessary products and move them to the kitting position .

Now the warehouse user will be able to see this movement task of type kitting (1) in the PULPO WMS Android App for completion.

Once the task is completed, stock of the kitting product will be created in the previously specified quantity in the kitting location and stock of the products that were used for the kit will be reduced by the respective amounts.

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