Picking tasks of type Turbo Label allow to create shipping labels for products during the picking process. This allows a reduce overall handling time for products that do not require additional packaging.

Prerequisite for this functionality is a working integration with a system that generates shipping labels, e.g. an ERP-system or a shipping label provider.

To activate Turbo Labels go to menu item setting (1) and activate Turbo Label (2).

Note: Since products that were picked via Turbo Labels do not require further packaging it is recommended to allow the skipping of the packing process. See here how to activate that setting.

Once the setting is activated pickings of type Turbo Labels (1) can be created using the button CREATE PICKINGS. In that case the shipping labels for each products are downloaded from the connected system.

Note: Since for every single product a label is downloaded this can take several minutes, depending of the total number of products.

Once the labels and picking tasks have been created they are displayed. In case a label could not be retrieved the creation process will be aborted with a corresponding message. In that case the picking tasks will not be created.

The picking task can now be processed in the PULPO WMS Android App. The picking task is of type Turbo Label.

After the picking of each product the screen to print the corresponding shipping label is displayed:

After printing the label the following query is displayed.

  • If this request is answered with CANCEL PULPO WMS will store this information and request to print that label at the end of the picking process.

  • If answered with OK the products can be place on a shipping position after the picking is completed.

In case CANCEL was selected above the products for which labels still need to be printed will be indicated by the missing check mark at the end of the picking task.

After labels have been printed for those products the picking task can be finished.

In case of a batch picking that validation needs to be done for every single order:

After confirming that all labels are printed the products can be placed on a packing or shipping position - depending on which option is activated.

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