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Automatic label and document printing
Automatic label and document printing

This article describes how to automatically print shipping labels and other documents using the PULPO WMS Android App

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PULPO WMS offers the option to automatically print the respective document without having to push the print button.

Prerequisites for this functionality are:

  • A label or document could be retrieved from the connected system (e.g. ERP-system or shipping label provider)

  • The below settings are activated:

    Under the menu item Settings select the desired options in the section Outgoing and click on Printing.

  • Activating the option Accelerate label printing in the batch packing process will allow batch print all labels in packing when the packed products are the same SKU. Important: When activated, all packing tasks have to be stored in the same shipping position.

  • The user can activate the option Number of expected documents to be printed during the closing of the packing boxes and select the desired quantity of printed documents. When the packing is performed, the app will wait for the selected amount of attachments per packing box and will fetch the attachments until the amount is matched.

    The PULPO WMS Android App needs to be restarted after changing the settings.

NOTE: This functionality is currently not available in combination with Turbo Label Picking.

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