PULPO WMS allows to define from which zone or positions a sales order should be picked. The positions are defined via tags.

The settings is activated under Settings > Enable picking route by specific order rules.

Once the settings is activated the field


needs to be used to define whether the picking should be from a zone or from tagged positions.

Allowed values are




In addition the field


needs to be filled according to the selection in custom_route_rule_type. Allowed values are either an existing zone name or an existing tag.


  • When picking by tagged positions: The position needs to be tagged before uploading the sales order.

  • In case there is not sufficient stock in the zone or positions PULPO WMS will consider also other zones and positions for the picking route.

  • A batch picking can only consist of sales orders with the same custom_route_rule_type.

The fields custom_route_rule_type and custom_route_rule_value can be uploaded via API or via outgoing order CSV.

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