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Instagram Competitor Data


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Following our last Instagram announcement in early April, we are thrilled to be bringing Instagram competitor data back into CORE. 

With the release of the new 'Business Discovery API' from Instagram, we are now able to continue collecting basic metrics for Instagram Business Accounts you do not necessarily own.  

If you wish to switch your Instagram account to a Business account you need to use the mobile app (this feature is not supported by the desktop version) and go into the settings page and select 'Switch to Business Profile'. 

So what does this mean for Instagram Competitor profiles?

For the Audience tab we will be able to collect and display the following metrics and information: 

  1. total number of followers; number of new followers 

  2. industry average

  3. growth rate

  4. total engagements; total impressions

For the Content tab we will be able to collect and display the following metrics and information:

  1. posts (best and worst performing)

  2. format; copy; images

  3. the number of comments; the number of likes

  4. industry average

  5. engagement rate; impressions, visibility; engagement per post; impressions per post

However, there are some caveats to this, which are as follows:

  1. The Instagram profiles you do not own, but wish to track on CORE must be an Instagram Business Account.

  2. To add these Instagram Business profiles, you will be required to paste the exact URL into CORE.

  3. We can no longer collect & display the actual comments or commenters. This means the Top Commenters graph will not be displayed for any Instagram profile you do not own and have not plugged in. 

The way to check whether an Instagram profile is a business account or not is by seeing whether there is a small “category” in grey under the Instagram “name” that has been assigned to the account.

If the profile has this category then it is a Business profile. If it does not have this then it unfortunately is not and we cannot track it. Once again this is not a feature supported by the desktop version of Instagram and is something that you can only see on the Instagram mobile app so please check there.

For example:

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