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Owned-Channel Insights: Audience Insights
Owned-Channel Insights: Audience Insights


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We have recently given Pulsar CORE a revamp, following the introduction of owned-channel insights. With new Audience, Pulsar CORE now includes a whole host of new metrics and data analysis to allow you to better understand your audience.

With Audience Insights you can now:

Understand demographics. For X, this data comes from your promoted content. This offers a granular breakdown of who your fan/followers are, showing:

  • Age and gender makeup of your audience and who your content is resonating with. This section also shows which audiences are shrinking and growing, so you can either choose to invest in audiences who are slipping away or continue to focus on those that are growing. For Facebook, Instagram and YouTube we can also get the combined age and gender.

  • Countries so you know where your followers are from and can tailor country-specific content to them. 

  • Devices which means you can design your strategy appropriately for the device where your content is most accessed e.g. make mobile-specific content. We get this data for X and YouTube. We also get this data when you have promoted your content on Facebook.

  • See who your top commenters are: here you can see which users who are not necessarily followers/fans are interacting with your content. We get this data for X and YouTube.


  • The default device data for X & Facebook is Mobile + Desktop

  • The device data for YouTube is Mobile + Desktop + Smart TV + Tablet

  • You will never get device data for Instagram

  • You do not need to promote content to get Instagram data

For more detail on the CORE owned-channel insights and an example of how a business might use these updates to improve strategy, please see our blog.

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