Below is the list of operators that Pulsar supports when filtering for your results using keywords.    

The OR operator  

Orange OR Juice

Will filter for mentions of 'orange' OR mentions of 'juice' within your results. The OR must be capitalised. 

The AND operator 

Orange AND Juice

Will filter for mentions of 'orange' and 'juice' within your results. The AND must be capitalised. Using this operator means both terms have to appear in the same post, but in any order. 

You can also use a space between terms, instead of explicitly stating the AND operator. So this means 'orange juice', will filter for results that contain the terms 'orange' and 'juice', in any order. 

The NOT operator

 Orange AND -juice

Will filter for mentions of 'orange' in your results, as long as 'juice' is not mentioned in the post. Inserting the negative symbol (-) before a keyword, hashtag, @ handle, or phrase (as shown below), will exclude posts with those keywords in your results filter. 

Brackets ( ) or Parenthesis

(Orange AND Juice) OR (Hot AND Sauce)

Will filter for mentions of 'orange' and 'juice' in your results OR mentions of 'hot' and 'sauce' within your results. 

The Proximity operator ~ (tilde) 

"orange juice"~10

Will filter for any posts in your results that contain the keywords 'orange' and 'juice' within a certain number of words near to each other. 

NB - There is currently no limit on the number of words apart you can specify when using the proximity operator for filtering. However, at search set up this is limited to 6 words. 

The Exact Phrase operator 

"Orange Juice"

Will filter for posts in your results that contain the exact phrase 'orange juice'. This is not case sensitive, so filtering for 'ORANGE JUICE' or 'orange juice' or 'Orange Juice' etc. will isolate results that contain that phrase. 

The hashtag operator


Will filter your results to find mentions containing only the hashtag #oscars and not the keyword 'oscars'. 

The @ operator


Will filter your results to isolate posts that contain the twitter handle @orange but will not include any results for the keyword 'orange'. 

The wildcard * operator


Will filter your results for posts that contain the term 'complain' with any other ending i.e. 'complaining', 'complaints', 'complained' etc.

NB You can not use leading wildcards e.g *ing

NB There is a 50 operators limit (effectively meaning 51 keywords at the max).

For more information on Filters please refer to the article below:

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