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Bringing 'dark posts' into the light for Facebook Owned-Channels
Bringing 'dark posts' into the light for Facebook Owned-Channels


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Let there be light! We're delighted to announce that you can now see all your dark posts for your Owned Facebook Channels in CORE.

Dark posts are targeted ads, but unlike boosted and organic posts, they don’t appear on your timeline. Instead, they show up as sponsored content in the feeds of the people you’re specifically targeting.

For example, you could create a piece of content specifically targeted at your 25-35 year old Male followers. Those who fit that demographic would see this content as a sponsored post in their news feed. However, none of your other followers will see this content in their news feed or on your page.

Because they’re not “published” the same way as organic posts, dark posts are more formally known on Facebook as unpublished posts, that is to say they’re not formally on your page. Effectively, they only exist for the targeted users that see them.

We highlight these posts in two ways on CORE. Firstly, just as we have labeled up your promoted content, you'll now see a 'dark' label next to any dark posts in your results page:

The second place you can see whether your content is a dark post or not is in your exports. In the column where we show if a post is 'organic' or 'promoted', we'll now also tell you if that post is 'dark'.

Make sure you have your Facebook page plugged into Pulsar so that we can start pulling in this analysis. And remember - this is for your Owned Facebook Channels, so no competitor data for dark posts...yet!

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