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Introducing Communities: Our Audience Segmentation levels up
Introducing Communities: Our Audience Segmentation levels up


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Different communities within an audience talk about the same topic differently. So today we are pleased to announce the next level of our audience segmenting capabilities on TRAC: the ability to filter your data using the communities identified in your Audiense report. This allows you to break down the conversation by the interest profile (e.g. football mums, tech journalists) of the people who are talking.

This functionality is unique to Pulsar and allows you to easily zoom in on what the various communities in your audience are saying and engaging with.

How does this work?

The process is pretty simple, actually:

  • For those of you already familiar with our audience segmenting tool on Pulsar, segmenting your audience is the first step!

    N.B. You will need to have an Audiense subscription to do this, if you do not have one, please reach out to your Account Manager.

  • Once you hit Segment Audience, Pulsar collects the list of Twitter author ids found in your search to generate your audience report.  

  • When your report is ready, you will get an email notification, or if we can't reach you by email, you will see the segment audience button on Pulsar change to green, as shown below:

  • Click on View Audience Report button, and you're automatically redirected to your report in your Audiense dashboard as shown below. 

Now comes the fun part! 

  • See those segments that have been detected in this report?

  • Voila! Here they are on Pulsar, and you can use these various interest profiles as a filter on your dataset, as you would do with any normal filters. 

  • This option is available under a new filter, aptly named Communities as shown below:

And any subsequent changes you make to your report will immediately be reflected in your Pulsar Communities. This includes adding new segments; deleting segments; or renaming them. 

Did we mention that this capability is unique to Pulsar? That's right, you can't find this anywhere else on the market.

So if you haven't tried our audience segmenting tool yet, reach out to your Account Manager today, and get your hands on this exciting new functionality!

And if you already have an Audiense subscription, you can start using this feature on Pulsar today. 

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