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Quick Start Guide - TRENDS
Quick Start Guide - TRENDS
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TRENDS lets you map real-time and historical trends instantly and offers you a high-level view of what's TRENDing across the world!

Realtime Trends

Realtime Trends help you understand how trending topics on X play out globally.

You can zoom in to country-level as well as city level and see what's hot right now, and what's fading, helping you gauge what ideas and themes might work in certain markets or industries.

In addition to an overview of what's trending right now, our Realtime Trends gives you a 24-hour time-lapse view, allowing you to understand where a topic has been the top trend in the last 24 hours.

For more details about Realtime Trends, see the following page:

Creating a TRENDS Custom Search

With access to 12 years worth of public X data, TRENDS custom historical search offers a view into conversations from the very first Tweet back in March 2006 to today.

To start a new TRENDS custom/historical search, simply fill in your search terms and hit enter.

You'll be able to fine-tune the search on the Search Setup page by specifying a Location, Date, or Source and adding search terms.

Visualize your data using the chart generated for your search terms and even compare News vs X trends!

You can enter keywords, phrases, and use many of the same boolean operators available across the platform. To see a full list of operators available, visit the following page:

Searches can even be saved to be used later!

Viewing Saved Searches and Search History

If you'd like to view previously Saved Searches, click the Historical Trends button and you'll be redirected to the Search Setup page where you can also view your Search History.

Creating a TRAC Search from TRENDS

Creating a TRAC search from TRENDS is simple and easy! Just hit “Create a TRAC Search'', which redirects you straight to TRAC!

From there you can see your search summary, with the options to edit the Boolean syntax, or proceed with launching the search in real-time or historically. You can also navigate to any of the preceding steps of the search setup, where you can modify the search as you see fit.

See more about connecting TRAC & TRENDS here:

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