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April 2022
An Easter Egg Surprise: Twitch data now available on TRAC
An Easter Egg Surprise: Twitch data now available on TRAC

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Today we are stoked to announce the latest addition to Pulsar TRAC: Twitch, the

live streaming service that allows users to live stream their content in a wide range of categories; from gaming and Esports, to non-gaming content such as music broadcasts, talk shows, software development learning, and even life logs! With a reported 17 billion hours watched last year, Twitch is starting to dominate the live content space and we are excited to offer this data on Pulsar, giving you access to a growing and diverse audience of users, commonly known as streamers.

On Pulsar, Twitch data can help you explore and discover the scale of the conversation and the interest around a particular topic. You can quickly discern who the top streamers are and what they are streaming.

Understanding the top streamers about a specific topic can be achieved by using a keyword or hashtag search in a Topic Search, and you can get some insights into the top streamers, in terms of the views they generate.

In a Panel search, you could identify and import into Pulsar a panel of streamers that you want to track to understand what sort of content they stream, and their reach and impact in those specific categories.

What you’ll be getting on Pulsar

Content wise, we’ll be deliver the following:

  • The stream title

  • The description of the video stream if available - Streamers are notorious for not providing any description on their videos!

  • The no. of views the video stream has received

  • A direct URL to the Twitch video stream

The author (streamer) information we have is the following:

  • User screen name

  • Gender

  • No. of followers

  • Aggregated total no. of views for all their streams

  • Location

How to Create a search with Twitch data

To create a search on TRAC using Twitch data, you’ll first need to check that you have the right permissions. On our platform, there are two types of users who can create searches, SuperAdmin or Admin. Click here to learn more about user permissions

Now we’ve got the permissions out the way, you can visit one of three links below to help get you started on creating a search on Pulsar. The first two links are a step by step guide on creating a search and the other is a step by step video guide.

Twitch FAQs

Q: How often is the metrics updated for Twitch content?

A: We collect the available metrics for each stream when it’s first ingested into our platform. For content ingested via Real Time, we'll update the metrics 6 hours after the stream was ingested. We believe collecting metrics after a 6 hour window allows enough time for the stream to grow organically.

Q: Why can’t I see any Engagement and Likes metrics?

A: Great question! We don’t collect Comments or Live Chat and therefore cannot populate any engagement counts. Twitch doesn’t have the concept of liking streams, so we’ve removed that metric from the display.

Q: How is the visibility score calculated?

A: The visibility score is calculated using a proprietary algorithm developed by Pulsar. Click here to learn more.

Q: How are Actual Impressions calculated?

A: Actual Impressions is another proprietary algorithm developed by Pulsar which takes into account Video Views as well as other attributes.

Q: Location data doesn’t seem to be coming through on all videos, why is that?

A: The overall percentage of location data on Twitch is generally quite low, through our research we’ve found that from all the content ingested into our platform only 5% of data has location attached. Location data can be considered as sensitive and therefore streamers generally avoid adding location data to their streams.

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