Cloning TRAC Searches

Master the time-saving strategy of cloning TRAC searches

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Learning Outcomes

  • Understand the circumstances under which it could be beneficial to clone a TRAC search.

  • Learn how you can clone TRAC searches.

There may well be occasions where you find yourself in need of duplicating a TRAC search. To put it into context, imagine you have the task of establishing two searches, both centred on the same subject matter. However, one is to accumulate posts written in English, and the other is to collate those penned in Spanish. The optimal solution in such a scenario would be to duplicate, or 'clone', a search that you've already set up, and then simply modify the language setting within the search parameters. This is an excellent example of how taking advantage of the cloning feature can save you a significant amount of time when conducting your searches.

Where can I clone my searches?

You can clone your searches from the Quick Find menu in TRAC. If you hover next to the title of the search that you want to clone, you can see a sheep icon. Click on it and your search will be cloned!

All that is left to do is update the search summary, save your search, and then it's cloned and ready for you to use!

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