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Using Pyn with Slack

Learn how Pyn works with Slack

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How Pyn works with Slack

Pyn helps you automate your employee communications. Connecting Pyn and Slack allows you to deliver messages directly to employees. Sending via Slack means you stay in the flow of work - and your messages are more personalized.

What happens when I add Pyn to Slack?

We take privacy seriously. When an admin adds Pyn to your Slack workspace they will receive a message from the Pyn app confirming the installation was successful. No one else will be notified and no messages will go out to other people unless you or Pyn admins choose to send to others within your company. Learn how to connect Pyn to Slack.

How does Pyn send messages to an employee via Slack?

You and your admins can choose to deliver messages to employees via Slack.

There are 2 ways to do so:

Example: Recognizing employee birthdays

Setting up an automated moment around the birthday of an employee is easy.

Once you've created the message you can choose to send from Pyn via Slack.

The employee will then receive this wonderful message on their birthday.

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