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Can't connect to Pyramid in WiFi / Network Settings [Pyramid V1]

Having issues finding Pyramid in the your available WiFi networks? Here's how to fix that...

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This support article is for Pyramid v1. If you're using Pyramid Pi, please see here instead.

⚠️ Note: If unable to access Pyramid via - make sure you are connected in WiFi Settings and visit in your browser or download the app.

Or if struggling to connect in WiFi Settings:

Fix 1: Try the default Password

If you're setting Pyramid up for the first time, the Pyramid network should show in WiFi Settings on your device.

Note: If it requests a default password, please try OnlineFreedom1

Tip: The message 'Connected, not online' is normal you will connect it to the internet during setup - see our setup guide for more help (tap here)

Fix 2: Check on another device

To make sure that it is not your device that needs to reboot, please check another device to see if it is able to connect to Pyramid.

If the same issue appears on both and you can't connect, the next step is to perform a quick factory reset by following these instructions (tap here).

Fix 3: Can't Find Pyramid?

If you can’t find Pyramid, please firstly check if another device can see it in the available networks. You may also want to to toggle Aeroplane mode on/off to force your device to refresh the available networks.

If still not showing, please follow these steps:

  • Hold in the reset button on the side of Pyramid for ten seconds (careful not to hold for too long or you could factory reset it to original settings)

  • After a few moments, it should appear in available networks in WiFi Settings of your device

  • If it still doesn't appear, try another USB power plug or try a reboot. If that doesn't fix, then a factory reset would be recommended by following these steps.

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