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Radius Lease Process

Process for managing leases within Radius.

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Congratulations on your new lease transaction!

This guide delineates the process for managing leases within Radius. As always, if you have any questions please reach out to us at

Happy Leasing!

Create the SkySlope File

  1. Create a SkySlope file within 48 hrs of obtaining a signed lease listing and/or accepted lease agreement.

  2. Select the applicable Lease checklist in SkySlope and attach all required documents.

  3. The Auditing Team will audit your file and let you know if anything is missing or incomplete.

Note: Copies of the lease checklists can be found in the Working Documents β†’ Office Docs folder in your SkySlope account.

*Landlord Representation Only

If you represent the Landlord, please be sure to open the Lease Listing first in SkySlope before converting said listing to leased/pending status. Visit Radius Help Desk for more info on how to convert a lease listing to pending.

Commission Information


Send gross commission to Radius directly

Wire To:
Agentdesks Incorporated
Chase Bank

Account Number: 932588178

Routing Number: 021000021


We do not typically accept paper checks but if they insist:

Check must be made out to Radius Agent

  • Mail to:
    ​1160 Battery St East Suite 100
    ​c/o Spaces Levis Plaza
    ​San Francisco, CA 94111


Commission Disbursement Authorization

  • The CDA or Commission Disbursement Authorization will be generated for internal disbursement purposes.

  • The CDA will be sent to agent and their Team Lead (if applicable) for signatures via DocuSign and uploaded to your SkySlope file.

  • Our Billings department will reach out to you to set up payment arrangements, once the gross commission has been received, your SkySlope file has been approved by your Auditor, and you have approved your CDA.

  • Once all required items are loaded to the checklist and have been reviewed and approved by your Auditor, your lease file will be archived in SkySlope.

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