Why can't I claim my profile?

Issues with trying to claim your profile

Updated over a week ago

If you are having trouble claiming your RateMyAgent profile, it could be for a few reasons.

  • We may have a different email address in the system for you.

  • If you are logged in to a different profile that's not linked to your email address (ie. your office profile)

  • In rare cases, there may be another agent with the same name as you and you are trying to claim their profile.

  • Your profile has not been created yet. If this is the case then please contact support with your Name, Email, and Phone number so we can create one for you!

To learn more about how to claim your agent profile click here.

If you are having difficulties, please email us at support@ratemyagent.com or chat with us using the messenger in the bottom right hand corner and we will help you resolve this.

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