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How do I accept campaign invitations?
How do I accept campaign invitations?
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You will receive invitations to campaigns via email notification or SMS. If you are interested in participating and want to know more about the details, then register in our tool. Here you will find an overview of your campaigns under the menu item "Your Campaigns".

Under the section "Pending" you can see all campaigns that are still pending. By clicking on the right arrow you can expand the campaign and get more details and at the same time you are already in the campaign chat.

You can find out how the chat works in detail here:

To get to the briefing and campaign information click on the "Campaign Information" section. Here you will usually find a briefing in PDF format, which you should read at your leisure to decide whether the campaign is right for you and your community.

Under "Pending" you will find all actions (e.g. post, story, reel, etc.) that are requested from you as part of the campaign, including a price suggestion on the right-hand side. Here, each individual action has its own field. If, for example, you are to produce two stories, then two actions are also reflected here.

If you click on the respective action, a separate chat window opens for it.

Here you have the choice between the following three options:

  • Offer: With this option you can make a counter offer to the customer. How exactly this works, we explain here.

  • Reject: This means that you reject the campaign, e.g. because you don't like it or don't have time for it at the moment.

  • Approve: Here you agree to the invitation including the offered price for the respective campaign.

Important: You have the possibility to choose one of the mentioned options for each campaign. For example, you can accept the post and reject booked stories if you can only implement one action due to time constraints.

If you have any further questions about the campaign process, please contact

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