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This article covers some key information about sales reporting and when new money is paid into your account.

When your music is streamed or downloaded on a digital service this is recorded in their system. This data will then be contained in the sales reports that Record Union receive every month. When these sales reports are processed by us then the royalties due to you will show up on your account balance.
Once in your Record Union account, you can payout these royalties any time you want. When a payout is made, the money on your balance will be transferred to a PayPal account specified by you. Once in PayPal you can transfer this money to a bank account or pay it onward to other collaborators who are due a share.

When royalties show on your account

Now, there is a delay between the month a sale was made and when that report is sent to us and can be paid out into your account. This delay means that you will get sales from a specific month 3 months later. So, if you made some sales in February these will show up on your account at the end of May. The sales for March would be paid out in June, and so on...

Below you will find a complete summary of when sales for specific reports are paid out.

Sales period relates to the month in which the download or stream was made.
​Reporting date is when the royalties for these streams or downloads will show up on your account balance.

Sales period Reporting date
January 30th April
February 31st May
March 30th June
April 31st July
May 31st August
June 30th September
July 31st October
August 30th November
September 31st December
October 31st January (following year)
November 28th/29th February (following year)
December 31st March (following year)

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