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I am trying to upload tracks and it keeps saying my connection was lost - help!
I am trying to upload tracks and it keeps saying my connection was lost - help!
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Though uploading tracks on Record Union is usually a seamless and smooth process, there can in some specific cases be problems. Below are a few of the potential causes as well as some guidelines for how you can solve them.

Avast (or other antivirus software) is blocking the upload

In some rare cases, Avast Antivirus will block uploads to some perfectly stable and certified websites - including Record Union.
To fix this, you need to make an exception in your Avast firewall protection so that it permits you to upload files to our website URL.
Thankfully, this takes just a few minutes. Click here for a step-by-step guide.
When making the exception, this is the web address you need to add:

Unstable internet connection

Sometimes, internet connections are unstable (particularly WiFi networks). Our uploading function can handle small interruptions in your connection (up to 10 seconds) but after this time it will assume the connection has died and give the "Connection was lost" error.
If this happens a lot and you are sure there is no other explanation (such as your antivirus software causing issues) then please contact us and we will help arrange another upload method.

Network firewall

Are you at work? Or at an internet cafe? Then it could be why you are having upload issues. Some of these networks will have restrictions on uploading and downloading from the internet. To solve this you should speak to the network manager or otherwise upload the tracks from another internet connection.

Big audio files

The maximum file size for one track is around 500MB.

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