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What tools do I have to understand my sales performance?
What tools do I have to understand my sales performance?
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Providing you with the tools you need to get a comprehensive and in-depth understand of how your music is selling is something we take very seriously. We are therefore continually building tools for you to analyse and keep track of how your music is performing on the digital services it is available on.

Below we have listed the main features which are available right now.

Sales Performance tool

This is a powerful tool which will help you view sales for artists, songs and releases connected to your account. Using this tool you can really drill down into your sales, viewing them on a monthly and quarterly basis and split by things like stores, countries and releases. Learn more >>

Download a sales report

We also offer you the ability to download customised sales reports in spreadsheet format. This is great if you want to share sales or specific artists, tracks or releases with collaborators - or want to have access to sales reports outside of the Record Union application. Learn more >>

Download a payout report

When you make a payout from your account, this report gives you a detailed breakdown of which artists, tracks and releases received money from a payout you have made. This comes in handy if you have collaborators performing on some of your songs, or are a label who is managing payments for multiple artists. Learn more >>

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