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Do I need to provide a license for my release?
Do I need to provide a license for my release?
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It is vital that you own the rights to the release you publish via Record Union. If you want to use copyrighted material, you will need approval from the copyright owner(s).

For all material of which you are not the originator/creator, we need to be able to verify license agreements or written permission from both the publishing house for the songwriter/composer and the record label with rights to the master recording. Necessary rights need to be obtained prior to uploading any material to Record Union and must be readily available upon request.

We are unable to distribute tracks that contain unlicensed samples (whether that be a beat, a vocal hook, or even content from TV or film), and the content team will reach out for permission when our system detects any sampled material.

If you're about to release a cover song, please click here for more information.

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