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What's the review process like for my release?
What's the review process like for my release?

Learn how your uploaded release is reviewed by our content team, and what you can do to get your release approved smoothly and quickly.

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Here at Record Union, we are committed to ensuring that every release uploaded to our platform meets the highest standards of quality and compliance. Our content team reviews each single, EP, and album meticulously. Here’s a quick guide on our review process, different release statuses, and tips to ensure your music goes live without delays.

Release Statuses

After uploading, you may view the status of your release by logging on to your Record Union account and going to the “Your Music” menu. Here's what the different releases statuses mean.

Waiting for Review

Your release has just been uploaded and is queued for review. We review releases in the order they are received. If you want your release prioritized so it can go online sooner, simply add the “Rapid Delivery” add-on when you upload and your release can go online as soon as 5 days from when you upload.

In Review

This means a member of our content team is currently reviewing your release. The review usually completes within the same day, but sometimes takes a few days. You will be updated on any status changes.


Congratulations! Your release has been approved and will go online on the scheduled release date. You will receive an email confirmation and if you opted for the "Spotify Pre-save" add-on, expect an additional email the following day. Learn more about Spotify Pre-save.

Being Held

There is an issue that prevents us from delivering your release. You’ll find the complete info on why the release is being held and what we need from you by logging into your Record Union account and clicking on the messenger box. Please make sure you accept all cookies when asked so the messenger box appears. We will update your release once we have received your reply to our message.


This means that unfortunately, your release cannot be distributed. You will receive a message from our content team about this which you can find in your Record Union’s account inbox. The most common rejection reasons are audio issues (unintentional cut-offs in the song, distorted audio, general quality issues) or that the type of content you’ve uploaded might be in the list of content we can’t distribute. Click here to view the full list of content we do not deliver.

Examples of things that might slow down the review process

To get your release approved faster, make sure to consider the following information when you upload your music and submit the metadata (written information) for your release.

  • Metadata compliance issues

    • Mismatching, incorrect or misleading information.

    • Very important to fill out correctly: Release- and track titles and versions, artist names, and types, audio/lyrics language, explicit/non-explicit lyrics, genre, copyright, and contributor credits.

    • A mismatch of written information on the cover art and metadata (Title, artist names) will require either the image to be replaced or the metadata to be edited.

    • Not allowed on the cover art: trademarked logos, characters, names, and copyrighted images/content, misleading or up-selling information, offensive or pornographic content, website links, and social media handles.

    • A blurry, pixelated, or rotated image will need to be replaced.

  • Copyright ownership questions - Sample clearance, required license agreements, remix rights, etc.

  • Audio quality issues - Unintentional cut-offs in the song, distorted audio, tracks that have silences that exceed 10 secs at the end, other general quality issues.

Important: Remember that in most cases, if you've made a mistake in your upload process, it's better to check our Helpdesk or contact Support before removing any uploaded content. Many things our team can help you amend without you having to complete the upload process once more.

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