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What's the review process like for my release?
What's the review process like for my release?
Learn how your uploaded release is reviewed by our content team, and what you can do to get your release approved smoothly and quickly.
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Every release that gets uploaded to the Record Union platform is reviewed by our experienced Content team. Each single, EP and album is meticulously checked for anything that might affect the success of the release, and if any issues are found, the team will contact the account holder to inform them of any necessary action to get the release online.

To get your release approved faster, make sure to consider the following information when you upload your music and submit the metadata (written information) for your release.

Examples of things that might slow down the review process

  • Metadata compliance issues
    - Mismatching, incorrect or misleading information.
    - Very important to fill out correctly: Release- and track titles and versions, artist names and types, audio/lyrics language, explicit/non explicit lyrics, genre, copyright, contributor credits.

  • Cover art issues
    - A mismatch of written information on the cover art and metadata (Title, artist names) will require either the image to be replaced, or the metadata to be edited.
    - Not allowed on cover art: trademarked logos, characters, names and copyrighted images/content, misleading or up-selling information, offensive or pornographic content, website links, and social media handles.
    - A blurry, pixelated or rotated image will need to be replaced.

  • Copyright ownership questions - Sample clearance, required license agreements, remix rights, etc.

  • Audio quality issues - Unintentional cut-offs in the song, distorted audio, general quality issues.

Important: Remember that in most cases, if you've made a mistake in your upload process, it's better to check our Helpdesk or contact Support before removing any uploaded content. Many things our team can help you amend without you having to complete the upload process once more.

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