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Can you get me on Spotify, Apple and other playlists?
Can you get me on Spotify, Apple and other playlists?
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We're in contact with our partner stores on a weekly basis to highlight our favorite new releases coming from us. Do you want to get your release pitched? Simply add 'Pitch Priority" to your release during the uploading stage, and you will automatically be considered for playlist pitching.

Adding "Pitch Priority" to your release definitely increases your chances of getting picked by our curation team for pitching. However, we still encourage you to pitch your release via your Spotify for Artists account. Please take a second to read more about Spotify playlist pitching here>> Available for everyone with access to Spotify for Artists, and the best possible way to get noticed by Spotify's playlist editors.

Can I get added to a Record Union playlist?

Each week, the content team at Record Union showcases its favourite new releases on the Independent Music Friday playlist.

Independent Music Friday - is our very own “new music Friday playlist” to highlight our selection of great new music from independent artists exclusively. This because we want to give more music creators an opportunity to be seen and heard, and at the same time make more independent music available to everyone. To be added, just keep on releasing new and amazing music with us. And make sure to upload your track with a release date that's at least 2 weeks in the future to give us the time for a good listen 🙂

Make sure to follow and share here:

We've also launched more playlists for our favourite tracks, old and new, starting with 4 playlists of our biggest genres.

All new tracks distributed with Record Union are considered for inclusion by the content team. However, if you would like an existing track that you've released using Record Union to be considered, just follow the steps below:

  1. Follow us on Instagram.

  2. Create and post a story for the track.

  3. Tag @recordunionofficial in the story.

  4. Use the link sticker to add the Spotify URL for the track to the post.

  5. Add a hashtag depending on which playlist you want to be included on:

    #recordunionrocks - rock/indie/metal/punk/alternative

    #recordunionbops - pop/r&b

    #recordunionhops - hip-hop/rap

    #recorduniondrops - dance/electro/edm

  6. Then follow us on Spotify and also the playlists.

If your track doesn't fit into one of these genres, don't worry, just choose the one that's closest, we'll be adding more playlists soon.

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