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What is Spotify for Artists?
What is Spotify for Artists?
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Spotify for Artists is a platform where artists can manage their Spotify artist profile, promote their music and dig deep into their music’s performance stats on Spotify.

Record Union offers instant access to your Spotify for Artists profile – or profiles if you manage multiple artists on Record Union.

If you’re a band or work with managers or other collaborators, you can invite team members to be a part of your music project on Spotify for Artists.

Another powerful promotion feature is playlist submission – suggest upcoming tracks to be included on Spotify’s editorial playlists and Spotify’s music experts will consider their inclusion. Learn more on the Spotify for Artists website.

Spotify has over 615 million users across 180+ countries. With over 100 million tracks on the platform, making your artist profile stand out is more important than ever.

To get access to Spotify for Artists, log in to your Record Union account and follow a few simple steps. Learn more on how to get access.

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