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When you upload and create your release on Record Union you will need to add metadata. Put simply, metadata is information attached to your release/tracks which is then delivered along with your music to the different music services.

It's a good thing to type this information in carefully to make sure you get it right. It's in everyone's interest that your release looks great when it goes live and becomes available to music lovers all over the world 😌

That's why we’re a bit picky with some of the metadata fields, and why we would love it if you kept these guidelines in mind whenever you publish a release.

If you have any questions, or if you're concerned about how the information will be displayed in music services, please get in touch with our support team before you publish the release.

Add Release Info

This is the first step when you create a new album, EP, or single. (You will be asked to add information about the tracks later on.)

Title (Release Info)

Add only the title of your album/EP/single here, and do not include "album", "EP" or "single" in the title (since it's up to us and the music services to decide if your release is an album, EP or single).

If you're releasing a 1 track single, the release title (incl. version) and the track title (incl. version) must be exactly the same.

Version (Release Info)

The trickiest field here is "Version". Please use this field when the release is available in different versions, and you are now uploading one of the alternative versions.

✅ Examples of accurate and approved release versions (provided there's an original version available):

Title: Thriller
Version: Deluxe Version

Title: Thriller
Version: Remixes

🚫 Examples of unnecessary release versions, that you’re not allowed to use:

Title: Thriller
Version: Single

Title: Thriller
Version: Debut Album

UPC (Release Info)

A UPC is required per release. You are welcome to use your own UPC if you have one already, but if you don't - you'll have to check "I don't have a code, please generate one for me" when editing the Release Info.

Artists (Release Info)

Add only the artists that are credited on all the tracks on the release. Examples:

Track 1 by Bob and Jenny
Track 2 by Bob
Track 3 by Bob and Jenny
=> Add Bob as the artist on the release. (Jenny should be credited on tracks 1 and 3 only.)

Track 1 by Bob and Jenny
=> Add both Bob and Jenny as artists on the release.

Band/group members cannot be credited as featuring artists when you've already added the band/group name as a primary artist.

If there are 5 (or more) different artists performing on the tracks => add Various Artists as the artists on the release, and credit the different artists on the tracks only.

You cannot credit a company, label, production house, or a producer as an artist.

Beatmakers can't be added as an artist but as a Producer in the contributors section.

Remixers can't be added as artists but as "Remixer" in the contributors section.

Cover Art

Make sure your cover art image is at least 1400 x 1400 px in size (preferably 3000 x 3000 px) and does not contain any copyrighted content, trademarked names/logos, or website links/usernames.

Possible text on the cover art needs to exactly match the metadata you entered for your release (artist name, title, etc.). If you entered “Thriller” as the album title, it can’t say “The Thriller” on the cover art.

Note: You will not be able to change the cover art for a release after you have published it, so take your time.

Read more here >>

Add Tracks Info

On the upload/add tracks page, you will be asked to put in information about the tracks as well. Even though there are more fields here, this is usually the easy part.

Title (Tracks Info)

Add only the title of the track, in one language. (Side-by-side translation is not allowed.)

Track version (Tracks Info)

Once again, the trickiest field is "Version". Please use this field when the track is available in different versions, and you are now uploading one of the alternative versions (e.g. a remix, an acoustic version, or a live recording).

✅ Examples of accurate and approved track versions:

Title: Thriller
Version: Acoustic Version

Title: Thriller
Version: Live

🚫 Examples of unnecessary track versions, which you’re not allowed to use:

Title: Thriller
Version: Original Mix

Title: Thriller
Version: Debut Single 

ISRC (Tracks Info)

An ISRC is required for each track. You are welcome to use your own ISRCs if you have them already, otherwise, Record Union will generate them for free (just leave the field for ISRC blank).

Artists (Tracks Info)

Add the performing artist's artist name. If a track is performed by multiple artists, add them one by one.

Don't list Producers, Remixers, or individual members of a group/band/collective as artists or feat. artists - these are instead added under "Add Contributor". How to credit songwriters, producers, and remixers >>

You cannot credit a label, production house, or a company as an artist.

Can I update, change, or modify information about my release later on?

Spelling errors and other minor corrections are possible in most cases. If this has happened to you, send our support team a detailed description of what you would like to update together with the UPC of the release and we will get back to you.

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