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Adding your UPC or EAN code
Adding your UPC or EAN code
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If your upcoming release already has a UPC or EAN code, it is recommended that you add this code instead of requesting a new one to be generated by us.ย 

Where can I add my code?

You can add your code when you initially create your release, or when editing your release information.

Simply add your code to the UPC or your EAN code to this field and save it along with the other information you enter on this page.


When it says my code does not have a valid format.

If you get a validation message saying the format is not correct, we recommend:

  • To double-check that you are not missing any digits (there should be 12 or 13)

  • Make sure there are no spaces or other characters than numbers

If you still get errors, you have an invalid code. If so, you have a backup option to let Record Union generate a code for you. Alternatively, you could contact the supplier of the code and request a new one.


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