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Deleting entire Records or Prospects from your REISift Account
Deleting entire Records or Prospects from your REISift Account

How to delete Property Records from your account

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Typically we do not recommend deleting records from your REISift account.

Most mistakes can be corrected without needing to delete. For example, maybe you mapped the wrong columns for the owner name, or the mailing address is blank. This can be fixed by correcting the owner information in the csv and reuploading using Add data -> Swap owners of existing property. For more information on this upload option, please see Explaining the Swap Owners Upload Option.

Have a lot of sold records? Don't delete! They could become a lead in six months to a year from now. Update the property status to Sold. When you are creating new campaigns you can exclude the Sold status.

Still need to delete? First you'll go to the Records page and filter or search and select the records you want to delete.

Once the records are selected, go to Manage and click Delete.

Deleting the record will remove the record from any lists or tags associated with it and delete the property record from your account. This action cannot be undone.

If you are sure you want to delete the records click, Yes delete to delete the property record from your account.

You can track the progress from the Activity -> Action section of your account.

Once the records are deleted, the total amount of records listed on your Dashboard will be updated.

Deleting records does not add space back to your monthly limit, because we count each new record uploaded during that month. If you are on our Professional or Business plan, the monthly upload limit located towards the top of your dashboard will not change.

If you delete records then reupload them, they will be considered new since they are no longer in your REISift account and will count towards your upload limit. If you’ve reached your monthly upload limit, you can always purchase additional space.

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