In this article we explain upload limits and how to purchase additional space.

Upload Limits Per Plan

The REISift Pricing page has a comparison of the upload limits for each plan.

The Essentials plan allows you to manage up to 25,000 total records. There is no monthly upload limit for this plan. Once you reach the 25,000 mark you’ll need to upgrade to our Professional or Business Plan or continue maintaining your records by exporting, updating and deleting.

Our Professional and Business plans allow you to manage an unlimited number of records, meaning you can upload as many records as you want. There are monthly upload limits for new records. The monthly upload limit for the Professional plan is 10,000 new records. New records are new property addresses not already being managed in your account. Any addresses that are already in your REISift account do not count towards your monthly limit.

Purchasing Additional Space

If you need to purchase more space to upload additional records, you’ll have the option to do so once you upload a file that exceeds your monthly limit. It’s $5 per additional 10,000 new records. On the last step of the upload process, you’ll be prompted to purchase additional space.

If you choose to purchase additional space your default card will be charged. (Remember to click the increase limit button!) You have until the end of the month to use the additional space you purchased. On the first of the following month, your monthly upload limit will revert back to your original limit.

If you do not purchase additional space, we do not add any new records into your account above your monthly limit. For example if you’re on the professional plan, up to 10,000 records will be uploaded. You can wait until the monthly limit resets on the first of the month, upload the list again, and it will upload the remaining data up to your monthly limit.

* Note: Deleting records does not add space back to the MONTHLY upload limit. Once you delete records, they are no longer in the database and are treated as new records if reuploaded.

Need help uploading data?
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