Need to update owner information in bulk? Here's how!

When to use Swap Owners

The Swap owners of existing property option can be used to bulk update owner names and/or mailing addresses. It is intended to be used to update owner information when properties sell. It can also be used to fill in missing owner names or mailing addresses.

Swap owners will remove previous phone numbers from the property record if the mailing address changes, because the property is no longer associated with that owner. The previous owners information can be accessed from a link in the activity log after you upload to Swap Owners. If there are any phone numbers you want to keep, you can also export them from REISift, and include them on the csv you upload OR you can upload the phone numbers after swapping owners using Update data -> Upload phone numbers by property address.

How to Upload

To upload using this option, click upload file at the bottom left of your account, and select Add data -> Swap owners of existing property.

Swap owners will add new property addresses, but it is intended to add new contact information. This upload option does not add properties to lists. If new property addresses are included in your csv, upload using Add data and Add to a New or Existing list first, then reupload using Add Data Swap owners to add any new owner contact information.

Data Requirements

When uploading using swap owners, your csv will need to include at minimum separate columns for Property street, city, state and zip and Owner street, city, state, and zip. For the records to be considered complete, you'll also need a column for owner first name and last name.

Below is an example of how the csv should be formatted. Highlighted column headers are required for mapping on upload.

*Note: Any records that are missing the owner first & last name will be considered incomplete and located under the incomplete tab after uploading

Answering the Let's Stay Organized questions

Next, complete the information on the Let's Stay Organized section of upload.

If your csv contains phone numbers, Select Yes data contains phone numbers, and toggle to I know when the records were skip traced, then select a date. This will add auto tags for the skip tracing information, and apply the skip tracing status.

Add Tags

Auto tags will be added if you selected the records were skip traced. You can also add custom tags to the records, so you can easily filter for them after the upload is complete.

Upload the file

All files must be .csv file type in order to upload. Drag and drop the csv file or click browse to select a file.

Map the columns

If you label the name, address, and phone number columns the same as shown in REISift and in the example csv above, the columns should automap.
If they do not automap, drag the fields on the left, and drop them to the corresponding field on the right.


Always review your upload. This can help prevent mistakes like mapping a value column, phone number, email address, etc. to the lists or tags section and accidently creating many, many lists or tags in your account.

Once you confirm you've added any tags you want to add and you've mapped all columns correctly, click finish upload.

Checking the upload status and viewing the records

You can check the status of the upload from the Activity -> Upload section of your account.

To locate these records, filter by the tag you added on upload.

Need more help with uploading? Check out the related trainings below.

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