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Lets Talk about those Absentee Properties!
Lets Talk about those Absentee Properties!

In this video we'll deep dive the Absentee Property concept

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By definition Absentee is a person who is expected or required to be present at a place or event but is not.

In Real Estate, absentee means the owner owns the property but is not physically occupying it. This could be for many reasons but the most common are the property is a rental, vacation home, inherited or just plain abandoned.

Filtering for Absentee Properties

To filter for Absentee properties, start by clicking Filter Records from your records page. Select the Params & Other filter block.

There are 4 ways to filter for absentee properties:

  1. General Absentee - Yes (filters for ALL absentee properties)

  2. General Absentee - No (filters for properties that are NOT absentee)

  3. In State Absentee

  4. Out of State Absentee

The in state absentee filter returns records that have a different mailing and property address but are located in the same state. The out of state option filters for records located in a different state from the owner's mailing address.

Once you apply the filter blocks you’ll see your absentee properties. In the example below, notice how the mailing addresses and property addresses are different.

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