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Setup Step: Answering the "Lets stay Organized" Questions on Upload
Setup Step: Answering the "Lets stay Organized" Questions on Upload

In this Video we explain how to answer the “Let's Stay Organized” question

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You’ll see the Let's Stay Organized section when adding new data in REISift or updating data pertaining to phone numbers or skip tracing information.

Essentially, this section will appear any time you select an option where we need to handle the 4 W’s of Data Management:

Where did it come from?
Where has it been?

Where is it going?

When did it happen?

We use the answers you provide in the Let’s Stay Organized section to create auto-tags for you so you have clean data.

The date you select for When? is the date that shows as skiptraced in REISift. It is also the date shown in auto tagging.

You can always delete any auto tags you don’t want to use and add your own custom tags to the right.

Don’t see the options you are needing under Where did you purchase this list? or Where was it skip traced? You can choose other for each of these sections and type in the ones you need.

Need help formatting your csv? Download the REISift template: REISift CSV Template

You can view a full list of all the fields we can map to in the Sift Dojo under Upload Parameters and Template

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