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Difference between Update Data and Add Data
Difference between Update Data and Add Data

Learn when to use Update data and Add data

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Use the Add Data option if you are uploading new data (new property addresses or new owner information) to your REISift Account.

Select the Update Data option if you are wanting to update records already in your REISift account.

Add Data

When you select Add Data, we assume all of the data on your csv document is not in REISift and therefore you are attempting to add a new list or a new record or add more data to an existing list in REISift.

Example: Last month you pulled a pre-foreclosure list, uploaded to your REISift account and added it as a new list. Now this month, you pull a pre-foreclosure list again and now you want to add this data to an existing list. There’s a chance some data this month was also on the previous list you uploaded last month, but there’s probably new records, so in this case you would choose Add Data and select Adding properties to an existing list.

Update data

When you select Update data, we assume you are updating information for records already in your REISift account. Update data does not add new records to your REISift account.

If you are looking to update existing records, like change the status or tag properties, add phone numbers to owners based off the mailing address or property address, or if you are wanting to tag phone numbers inside REISift or update the phone type, you will need to select Update Data.

Example: You marketed to the pre-foreclosure list we discussed in the Add Data example and now you need to change the status of some of these records to sold. You would select Update data and Updating property status.

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