From the Owner Records page in your REISift account, you can see exactly how many properties each owner owns, and filter by the number of properties owned.

This is an awesome feature because it allows you to market to the owner directly, meaning you can market to many properties at once it much less time it would take to market to them individually.

Accessing the Owner Records Page

To access the Owner Records page, select Records on the left side bar of your account, and click the Owner Records tab.

Sorting for Owners with Multiple Properties

You can view the number of properties each owner owns from the right side of the owner records page under properties.

Here can sort by ascending or descending order, the default sorting is by descending so you can easily see the owners who own the most properties in your account. To sort by ascending, click Properties.

Filtering for Owners with Multiple Properties

To filter for owners with multiple properties, select Filter Records towards the top right of the Owner Records page.

Next, select Add New Filter block and choose the Property Count filter.

With the Property Count filter, you can filter for a minimum amount of properties or minimum and maximum range.

Once you locate owners with multiple properties, you can click to open the owner record and market to the owner directly from the owner details page. This allows you to market all properties at once, in much less time than marketing for each property separately.

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