Filtering Owner Records

How to filter owners from the Owner Records page

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The Owner Records page allows you to view, manage, and market to records by owner. It contains owner name and mailing address, owner type, number of phones associated with each owner, owner marketing attempts, and the number of properties owned.

Accessing the Owner Records Filters

You can filter owner records by clicking Filter Records at the top right of the Owner Records page.

Next, select Add new filter block and choose the option you want to filter by.

Owner Records Filter Options

You can filter Owner Records by:


  • Phone Status

Property Filters

  • Property Count

Owner Filters

  • Phone Count

  • Email Count

  • Last Updated Date

Marketing Attempts

  • Direct Mail attempts

  • RVM Attempts

  • SMS Attempts

  • Call Attempts

Last Updated Date will show results for when the owner was last updated during the date range you select. Property updates, for example when property status changes will not be included here. You can filter for when a property was last updated from the property records page.

Marketing Attempts will return results for the Owner Marketing Attempts located on the Owner Details page. These attempts are separate from the Property Marketing Attempts.

Looking for more information on Owner Records? Check out our Owner Records Overview article.

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