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Adding New Property Records
Adding New Property Records

How to manually add property records and add new properties to owners

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In this guide, we'll walk you through the steps to manually add a new property record in your account. Whether you're adding a new property or linking a property to an existing owner, you'll find the process straightforward.

Steps to Add a New Property Record

  1. Navigate to the Records Page:

    • From your REISift dashboard, select Records on the left sidebar of your account.

    • Click on "Add New Property."

  2. Enter Property Information:

    • Owner Address: Start by filling out the owner’s address.

    • Property Address: Next, enter the property address.

    • Phone Number: If available, you can enter the phone number.

    • Notes: Add any notes that will be displayed on the property record's message board.

    • Lists and Tags: You can add the property to any of your existing lists or create a new list. Also, add any relevant tags.

  3. Create the Property:

    • Click on "Create Property" to save the new property record.

  4. Handling Duplicate Properties:

    • If you receive a message stating that the property already exists, use the search function to locate the existing property record and make any updates needed.

    • Ensure you select the "All" tab when searching to include both clean and incomplete records.

  5. Review the Property Record:

    • After creating the property, you can pull up the record to review all the details.

  6. Additional Updates:

    • Once the property is added, you can upload photos and add any additional information.

Adding a Property to an Existing Owner

  • If the owner already exists in your REISift account and you need to add a property to that owner:

    • Select "Add New Property" from the Records page.

    • Enter the existing owner’s mailing address.

    • The property will automatically be added to the owner’s profile.

Adding Multiple Records

To add multiple records, use the upload feature and upload a csv.
For more on uploading, please see:
Uploading New Records

Need Help?

If you have any questions or need further assistance, please reach out to our support team via the support chat by clicking "Talk to Us." 💬

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