2022 Changelog Summary

Learn about all the changes made to the ReturnLogic Platform in the year 2022.

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Missing a feature you need? Want to look back on the changes to ReturnLogic you may have missed? Great! Look no further. This article covers everything you need to know.

December 2022:

De-Emphasizing Refunds

In this version of de-emphasizing refunds, we have enabled you to visually de-emphasize the refund option to shoppers in the Return Center.

November 2022:

Multiple Return Policies

Multiple Return Policy Capabilities

You can now create multiple return policies, in addition to supporting a default return policy.

Prioritizing Your Return Policies

Return Policies are prioritized using a drag and drop method. The Return Policy at the top of the page will rank the highest, then the second, and so on.

October 2022:

Multiple Photo Uploads Continued

Multiple Photo Upload Capabilities - Originate

Following up our last release of multiple image support through the Return Center, we now support multiple image support through Originate too, so you can add up to five pictures to a return.

Item / Variant Selection Modal Update

We've made some changes to our Item and Variant Selection Modals.

Item Selection Modal:



Variant Selection Modal:



September 2022:

Multiple Photo Uploads

Multiple Photo Upload Capabilities

Shoppers will now be able to upload multiple photos through the Returns Center and through certain parts of Originate. Whether the shopper is uploading a photo for a third-party warranty claim or another return type, the shopper will be able to upload up to five photos.

Return Center Search Bar Accessibility Changes

Now, the search bars within the Return Center will be more easily recognized and usable by screen readers.

As the screen reader moves over the search bar, the screen reader will read aloud to the user what results come up from a search, if the search has been successful, or if no results were found. This applies to the search bars in the following workflows:

  • Third Party Warranty Catalog

  • Full Catalog Warranty Replacement

  • Full Catalog Exchange

July - August 2022:

Nothing was released these months, so that we could put extra effort into making next months release even better!

June 2022:

Printerless Returns

Printerless Returns Workflows

We’ve partnered with EasyPost to provide your shoppers with the option of printerless labels. Rather than printing a label at home and affixing it to a package, your shopper has the ability to walk into any USPS location, display a QR code on their mobile device, and have the carrier scan, print out, and apply a label to the package for shipment.

May 2022:

Security Updates

New Password Requirements/Timeouts

We are updating our password requirements. If you are a current ReturnLogic merchant you will not be impacted unless you actively reset your password or go through the “forgot password” workflow. New password requirements are listed below:

Session Management

Session management manages the amount of time you are actively logged into a platform. Take your bank for example, if you’re inactive for more than a few minutes, the website will (or at least should) automatically log you out and ask you to log back in again.

April 2022:

Nothing was released this month, so that we could put extra effort into making next months release even better!

March 2022:

Expanded Warranties

Expanded Warranty Workflows

We’ve expanded the warranty workflows to include the ability for the shopper to order a replacement item that is not the exact same replacement as the product they're submitting a warranty claim for.

New Warranty Workflow Settings

We’ve created two new pages for all the strictly warranty-related settings.

The first is an independent page under Returns-Originate labeled “Warranty”.

The second is an additional tab under the “Customize” carousel.

New ReturnLogic Flagging

When you elect to have the “Contact the Retailer” workflow available, the shopper experiences a natural dead end within the returns center. When electing to use this workflow, you have established that human intervention with this warranty claim is necessary.

We have implemented a new automated flag to help you immediately recognize human intervention is needed.

Prevention from changing Shopify URL post-integration

We have prevented merchants from being able to change their Shopify URL post-integration. This is a fail-safe feature for the merchant, so they do not accidentally ruin their integration with ReturnLogic.

Custom Data Field Collection within 3rd Party Warranties

You now have the ability to define up to three custom data fields within Third-Party Warranty workflows. Below, we’ve used “Serial Number” as an example.

Updated Third Party Warranty Report: Purchase Location

We have now added the purchase location to the third-party warranty report in IQ Analytics.

Additional “Call to Action” Content Block

We now have an additional call to action content block available on the “Summary” Page of the customize carousel.

February 2022:

Nothing was released this month, so that we could put extra effort into making next months release even better!

January 2022:

Giving the Gift of Templates

To make life easier on our merchants, ReturnLogic now offers pre-built return center templates.

These templates are built to only require one to copy & paste the code. However, the fun doesn't stop there. Each template can be customized to your own liking using CSS coding.

We're here to help! Email us at support@returnlogic.com or use the live chat inside the platform with any questions or feedback.

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