When it comes to returns, some platforms are better together. Combing ReturnLogic with other specialty software can set your business up to scale. Categories will include:

  1. Available Direct Integrations

  2. 3PL

  3. ERP

  4. IMS

  5. Tech Partners and Tools

  6. Agency Partners & Custom Development

  7. Shipping

If you'd like to see our Partnership Page with links to many of the companies mentioned in this article, please click here.

Available Direct Integrations

ReturnLogic already offers several direct integrations with some of the platforms listed in this article. The following list details the integrations that are already built and available to use:

  1. Gorgias

    1. to see the setup instructions, click here

  2. RubyHas

  3. Bergen Logistics

    1. to see the setup instructions, click here

  4. Quiet Logistics

  5. ShipHero

    1. to see the setup instructions, click here

  6. Trade Gecko

If you would like to request that another direct integration be created, please reach out and let us know at support@returnlogic.com or by sending us a chat.

3PL (Third Party Logistics)

  1. Quiet Logistics

  2. Onward Operations

  3. Barrett Distribution Centers

  4. ShipHero

  5. Essential Life Cycle

ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning)

  1. NetSuite

  2. BrightPearl

IMS (Inventory Management System)

  1. TradeGecko

Tech Partners: Platforms

  1. Gorgias

  2. Chat Desk

  3. Retail Reworks

  4. Go2

  5. Easysize

  6. Soles4Souls

Tech Tools

  1. Word to HTML Conversion (great for email templates)

Agency Partners

The agency partners listed below can help you with custom coding and integrations

if you'd like to be connected, please speak to your CSM about your goals.

  1. Avex

  2. Fuel Made

  3. Celigo

  4. Omni

  5. Curotec

  6. Glasshouse

  7. FarApp

  8. Verbal+Visual

  9. Hawkemedia

  10. SteadLane

  11. Scope

Custom Development

ReturnLogic customers can request to be introduced to a recommended developer. If interested, please reach out to your Customer Support Manager with your ideas about what you'd like to have built by a developer. After we understand your goals, we can recommend a specific developer and will make an email introduction.

Custom Branding

  1. ReturnLogic does not currently support writing custom code for customers at this time but can connect you with a developer.

Shipping (US and Non-US options)

  1. DHL good for any country

  2. Royal Mail UK based

  3. Australia Post AU based

  4. Canada Post CA based

  5. FedEx US based

Have questions? We're here to help! Email us at support@returnlogic.com or use the live chat inside the platform with any questions. Enjoy!

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