Now that you've created your RFMS fundraiser, the next set of steps should be focused on the "To-Do" below.

Create your story - Create a custom fundraiser story so supporter who join know exactly what your cause is as well as what you would like them to do for you. Upload an image, share a video, write a short description, and even insert objectives that you want to supporters to know about. The more supporters understand your vision, the more actively they will engage with your fundraiser!

Set reading and fundraising goals - Setting goals is an important part of any fundraiser. It provides supporters with the milestones they need to achieve in order for your fundraiser to be successful. Make sure you talk to your team leaders to set goals that work for everyone!

Setup your bank account - Connect your PTA or community bank account with our credit card processing partner, Stripe. Once connected, you will be ready to go to accept online pledge donations for your fundraiser. IMPORTANT: You are required to setup your bank account before inviting others to join your RFMS fundraiser.

Build teams - Once you've successfully setup your bank account, the next step should be to invite others to join in on the fun! It's important to start building out your teams first so invite your team leader (teachers) so that they can setup teams the way they want. Just go to your Teams page and click on the invite button to get started. You can copy/paste your invite link or have RFMS send out invites for you. Fundraising is all about teamwork so getting your teams ready to go right away. It only takes a few minutes!

Develop a plan - All fundraisers need good communication so work with your team leads to design a plan on how you are going to reach out to your supporters. If you need a template to follow, please download our 20/20 Challenge program. We've provided a sample plan that might just work for you!

Start reading and fundraising! - The most important piece of the puzzle is to have fun! Whether you are raising $1,000 or $50,000, the goal should always be to make sure your supporters are having fun! 

Let us know if you need additional support. Our RFMS support team is here to answer any questions you might have about making your fundraiser the best it can be!

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