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Draft Claims

It's as easy as typing your claim in any word processor, but we've still got ways to save you time.

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This article covers the following topics:

  • Simple Claim Drafting

  • Add Claims Using Inline Controls

  • Add Claims Using Menu Options

  • Other Ways to Add Claims

  • Now What?

Simple Claim Drafting

  1. Navigate to the claims section of the application window.

  2. Start typing your claim.

  3. Finish your claim with a period and hit Enter on your keyboard. A new claim field will appear, populated with a preamble for a dependent claim.

  4. Type your next claim and repeat the steps above as many times as needed.

  5. To change a claim's dependency, use your keyboard to remove, add, or correct the claim reference.

    Note that claim references are tagged data objects (shown with gray highlight) and are kept consistent if claims are reordered. They will be tagged automatically when typed, or can be selected from the dropdown provided.

  6. To draft a new independent claim, simply delete the auto-generated preamble and start typing your new claim.

Add Claims Using Inline Controls

  1. Select or hover over an existing claim to display the inline claim adding controls below that claim.

  2. Select from the displayed dependency options (1, 2,... Other) to create a new dependent claim having the selected dependency

    The Other option brings up controls to identify multi-dependent claims


    Select Independent to create a new independent claim.

  3. A new claim field will be created, which will include an automatically generated preamble for dependent claims.

Add Claims Using Menu Options

  1. Select from among the independent and dependent claim options provided under the Specification menu at the top of the main application window.

  2. A new claim field will be added at the end of your current claim list.

    Adding a new independent claim will result in a numbered but otherwise empty claim field. Adding a new child claim will create a field with a preamble indicating dependence on the currently selected claim. Adding a new sibling claim will create a new field with a preamble indicating dependence from the parent of the selected dependent claim.

  3. Type your claim in the new field provided. Repeat these steps as desired.

Other Ways to Add Claims

Claims from existing Rowan Patents (.rp) or Word (.docx) files can be merged into your working file and be modified and added to as you wish. A Word file containing claims can also be opened and saved as a Rowan Patents file.

Now What?

Create Terms

Rowan Patents relies on tagged data objects called "terms" to provide a number of our automation, consistency, and proofreading benefits. During and after claim drafting is the perfect time to identify individual terms or let Rowan automatically find and tag potential terms for you.

Change Claim Ordering

Claims can be easily selected and reordered. We'll take care of renumbering the dependency reference for you.

Rapidly Generate More Content

One or more claims can be selected and duplicated as a starting point for a closely related claim set. Once you've drafted your method claims, we can help you immediately transform that work into new apparatus or computer-readable media (CRM) claims and flowcharts. Summary text generated from selected claims and complete in-specification claim text listings are also just a few clicks away.

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